Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Some post election thoughts

Many conservative Christians, or simply Christians who didn't vote for Obama, find themselves in a different situation than the past eight years. I think certain duties of the Christian, primarily praying for the President and showing a certain amount of respect for the President, have come easy during this administration, but we must remember to do the same for the next four. Also, we need to find the line between dissent and disrespect.

As I said before the election, hopefully the GOP can gain their bearings. They have only stood for slightly less government than the Democrats. Of course, no one talks about limited government anymore, it is all about what the government can do for us. Nevertheless, it will still be interesting how the party changes the next two to four years.


Lee said...

If the GOP reverts to me-too-ism on the democratic planks, then they will lose.

If they simply say no and offer any alternatives, then they will lose.

If they offer loyal opposition, vote no, and then explain what they will vote yes on and why, then they'll be fine.

Especially if Obama keeps his word and raises taxes during this economic downturn. Not hard to see where that would lead.

Lee said...

Second paragraph should read, "offer no alternatives."